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Grading papers. Those damn kids. I could hate them all if the Council would let me. That would be the Concerned Catholic Parents and Teachers Council, of course. I have been a teacher at St. Peter's High School for three years. I was meant for greater things. "Go to a Catholic school," my friends told me, "Get to see all those little girls in their little skirts. Aren't you still allowed to spank them?" Well, at least the skirts are still there. Some of those little sluts don't look half bad. But the spanking...well, that's out. Apparently, some teacher got a hard-on while spanking a freshman once, and he ruined it for the rest of us. The Council couldn't have us showing any pleasure in our jobs; that just wouldn't be prudent. Goddamn pussies.

Doorbell. Jesus, who the fuck...? And there she is. Little Miss Fifth Period herself. She's still in her uniform, too. Five feet, four inches of barely legal blonde bombshell. She sits in the front, crossing and uncrossing her legs, giving me just enough panty shots so that I know she doesn't wear them on test days. I teach her class while standing behind a podium, so no one can see the erections I get watching her. She has been the focus of many a fantasy, believe me. And she's failing. Maybe I'll have her again next year...


"What are you doing here? How'd you get my address?" I cut her off, enjoying the startled look in her eyes.

"Well, you're in the phonebook—"

"And that gives you license to invade my privacy?"

"But, sir, I just wanted to talk to you—"

"You have my class everyday. Talk to me then." I go to shut the door in her face, but one soft hand, a hand I have imagined wrapped around my cock I don't know how many times, reaches out and stops the door. I look down into green eyes, so intense and startling on her sweet, peaches 'n cream face.

"I had to talk to you in privacy, sir." It's the second time she's said that, "sir," and it makes me ache to take her, every time those soft lips form that delicious word. You could say I'm a bit of a Dom.

"Well? What is it?" My voice is impatient, callous, but I'm fighting off an erection with everything I've got.

"Can I come in?" I open the door just wide enough for her to squeeze in, and resist the urge to smack that tight ass as it wiggles into my living room.

"Okay, you're in. Now, why are you here?" I try to give her the meanest, most annoyed look I can muster, despite the fact that this is a very welcome distraction from grading papers.

"Sir, it's about my grades—"

"Yes, you're failing."

"But...! Isn't there anything I can do? Write an essay, do a report, I mean, come on! Your class is really hard!" That's not the only thing that's hard at this point.

"Look, I don't give extra credit. End of story. Now, if that's all..."

"PLEASE! I can't fail! I've never failed anything in my life!" She rushes to me, puts her hands on my chest and looks up at me with those big eyes, and it makes me want to bend her over and fuck her right there. "I'll do anything." Those eyes make me lose all semblance of sense.

"Anything?" My voice has taken on that characteristic rasp that every Dom has when they slip completely into the role. "You'd do anything? Anything at all?" I look down at her with what could only be a lascivious grin. To my surprise, she presses against me harder, and my half-erect dick is suddenly pushing its way toward that little skirt. Even with my pants in the way, she has to know exactly how I feel about this situation, but she doesn't seem to notice.

"Yes, sir. I will do anything you want. I refuse to fail." Those eyes are determined, sincere. And then she's getting down on her knees, and I imagine her hands trailing along my chest, moving to the button on my jeans, then the zipper...and then I snap out of it. She's on her knees before me, a look of pleading on her face. She's in tears, begging me to give her some leniency, but her grades are the last thing on my mind.

"You'll do anything, you little slut?" I snarl, "Then suck my cock."

Her eyes go wide, and it's as if she suddenly becomes aware of her kneeling position, and the now obvious bulge in my jeans.

"What?" she stammers, as if the little whore is not familiar with the act I've mentioned.

"You heard me. Do it."

There is a single moment of hesitation, and then she closes her eyes, and keeps them closed, as she indeed reaches for my fly, and suddenly she's reaching in, and those hands, just as soft as I imagined, are around my stiff cock.

She looks up at me and says, defeated, "Yes, sir." Then her perfect, pink lips part, and I'm inside her hot mouth. At this point, I'm ready to go off like a rocket, but the three years of training myself not to show my desires have really paid off. But, God, she is good. Her eyes never leave my face as she drives me into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my shaft, going as far down as she can, then drawing up to the tip in one, long stroke. She places little kisses all around the head while using one hand to jerk me off, and the other to cling to me for balance. Despite my best efforts, I am close, so I reach down and run my fingers through her hair, letting my fingers get ensnarled in the silken strands. Then I grab the back of her head, snatching her off my member.

"You little slut!" I am really yelling now, and she looks terrified. "Look what you've done!" Her eyes dart, frightened and confused, to the swollen head of my cock, which is right in front of her face. "I bet you liked it, too, didn't you? Well, let's just see, shall we?" I lift her up by her hair, ignoring her scrumptious little whimpers.

I drag her into my bedroom, and toss her onto the bed. I lean over her, ignoring the fact that my dick is still out of my pants, and protesting in the air, suddenly frigid after the sweet warmth of her mouth. Her shirt is the standard issue white, button-down type. I rip it open, scattering buttons to every corner of my room, exposing her bra, which is made of nearly see-through lace. Beneath the material, I see that her tiny, pink nipples are fully erect. Unable to help myself, I lean down and suck on those little nubs right through her bra. Above me, I hear her moan. I lean up and whisper into her ear.

"Yes...I believe you did enjoy sucking my cock. Listen to yourself! You're making so much noise, and just because I sucked your tits! I wonder what you'd sound like if I sucked your clit?" Her eyes fly open, and she tries to back away from me, but I grab her by the hair again and drove my mouth into hers. She resists me for a few moments, but eventually those lips part, and she wraps her arms around me. I can taste the slight salinity of my precum in her mouth.

I work her shirt down her arms, and toss it behind me, onto the floor. It is shortly followed by her bra. Then I pull my shirt up over my head, and push my jeans all the way down, so that I am completely naked on top of her. I begin to fumble with the buttons on her skirt, but I stop myself. "I think I'll leave this on," I say, half-aloud, and slip my hand beneath the rough, plaid wool. Not surprisingly, she isn't wearing panties. I trace a finger along her velvety slit, teasing her gently, and then push it between the hot folds. She gasps, and I lean into her ear again.

"Jesus, you're wet! I'd say you've been thinking about me as much as I've been thinking of you," I whispered, achingly. "Seeing you there in class, watching you uncross your legs for me on test days, showing me that delicious little pussy of yours," I groan. "Fuck, but I wanted you!" I bring my lips to her neck and kiss her, fingering her pussy with one hand and teasing her left nipple with the other. I leave a trail of kisses down her torso, pausing to taste her nipples again, and then I lift her skirt and slide her legs apart.

I look at her most intimate place, a place I had seen before, but never from this close. And then I slip my tongue between her lips and find her hard clit. When I begin to softly trace circles around this little nub with my tongue, I let two fingers glide into her tight, hot hole. She begins to writhe, pressing her sweet pussy against my face, crying out.

"Get a grip, you little slut! Jesus, what a little bitch. God, you're such a whore!" I scream at her from my position between her legs. She looks down at me, her eyes glazed over with pleasure, but also confusion.

"But, I—"

"Shut the fuck up! Who told you to talk? Stand up! Fuck, I bet you ruined the comforter with your cum. Jesus!" She stands up, looking very small and ashamed. "God, someone should punish you for being such a slut. Put your hands on the bed, bend over!" She complies, and suddenly, I am given a delicious backside view of her ass and pussy.

I place my hands on either cheek, and feel the soft flesh beneath my fingertips. "You disgust me," I say softly, caressing her. Then, I draw my hand back, and proceed to give her ass a hard, audible smack. She cries out, and tries to turn around. "Look at the wall, bitch! You're being punished!" As she returns to her former position, I let her other cheek have it, and her knees almost buckle. Her ass now blushes two crimson handprints.

I spank her again and again, one blow after another, pausing at irregular intervals just to watch her react to phantom blows. Her breath comes in short pants. I reach down and touch her pussy, and discover that she is positively dripping. I lean down and kiss her wet lips from behind, and she moans.

"Sir, I'm so close! Please fuck me, please—" she cries out.

"Shut the fuck up!" I rise up, one hand on either side of her ass, and press my twitching cock against her weeping hole. "Is this what you want? You want me to push my dick into your tight little pussy and fuck you? Well?"

"Yes, please!"

"You'll have to do better than that, you little slut! I don't think you want it bad enough..."

"PLEASE, sir! I want you to fuck my pussy hard. Jesus, make me scream!"

"That's much better." I drive into her all at once, slamming her down onto her stomach. She clutches the covers of my bed and wails. Her little box clamps down on me, and I think I might explode then and there. I fuck her in a fury, screaming obscenities at her, just barely competing with her screams of pleasure. Ilet her come a few more times before I finally decide to shoot my load into her.

" Slut, do you want me to cum in you? Do you want me to fill your little pussy up with my sperm?" I ask, breathless from fucking.

"Yes, sir," she screams, "Cum in me, oh God!"

"Of course you want it, you whore!" I shout, and then I'm lost in the ecstacy of orgasm. When I'm finished, I collapse on top of her, almost too exhausted to pull out.

A few minutes later, I get off of her and tell her that she may leave now.

"But sir, I—"she objects.

"What do you want now?" I ask, more than a little annoyed.

"So, do I get the extra credit, or what?" She is buttoning her shirt, and her little skirt is still bunched up around her waist. I look into those huge green eyes and smile.

"I already told you, slut. I don't give extra credit."
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